JUN 12, 2014

5 Gifts for Irish Expats

Ireland has a long history of emigration, there’s a little Celtic blood in the 4 corners of the world. No matter where they end up though the Irish will always remember their roots. If you’ve got family or friends living abroad why not send them to remind them of the home country? We’ve put together our list of the top 5 gifts for Irish expats.

1.       Ireland rugby shirt

Ireland won back the 6 Nations cup this year and we couldn’t be prouder. We’ll use any excuse to get the rugby top on and show off our pride in the team. The iconic shirt is great for wearing to matches or just kicking back in. We’ve got men’s and women’s styles to choose from.

2.       Avoca soap

You can’t help but be reminded of your lovely Irish mammie when you smell a bar of Avoca soap. If you’re a fan of sending your loved ones smellies at Christmas make it special with Avoca. We’ve got scents to suit everyone including ‘fig and grape’ and ‘hint of spice’

3.       The Guinness Toucan

The Guinness toucan is a much underrated mascot. You’re unlikely to notice him until you’ve been away from Ireland for a bit and then when you see him again he’s like a long lost friend. We’ve got the towels, mugs, coasters, clocks, cufflinks and many more items bearing the toucan.

4.       Celtic theme tea towel

We recommend playing up the Celtic side of Irish culture for friends and family who miss the most traditional parts of Ireland. Tea towels are an inexpensive gift that will always be used- practical and thoughtful.

5.       Claddagh ornament

Search our Turf collection for beautiful carved turf ornaments. These are made from real aged turf. The Claddagh ornaments are particularly sentimental for loved living away from home.

Created on 12th June 2014
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