MAY 26, 2017

5 Reasons to Buy an Aran Scarf

Aran scarves are gorgeous but there’s no escaping the fact there are cheaper alternatives out there, so why pay a premium for an Irish Aram scarf? We have five perfectly good reasons for you here at Giftware Ireland, once you understand this, you’ll never go back to wearing standard scarves again. 

It’s totally natural wool

Unlike manmade materials, Aran Wool is a totally natural fibre and one of the purest items you can wear next to your skin. There are no nasty chemicals spoiling this fibre, all it provides is the fabulous feeling of supersoft wool, as it gently caresses your neck.  

It’s wonderfully warm

Wrap an Aran scarf around your neck when there’s a nip in the air and experience everything that is good about 100% natural wool. You will feel cosy and comforted, snugly and dreamy when you step outside wearing your Aran scarf this winter, and be ready to face sub-zero temperatures.

It lets you breathe

Items made from Aran fibres have superior breathability. The cleverly knitted wool keeps you toasty warm, but also allows air to flow through the fibres, making the scarf even more relaxing to wear. 

You won’t believe the comfort

Certain types of woven materials can be itchy, scratchy and more of a pain than a pleasure to wear. Things are different with Aran scarves. This wool is woven with comfort in mind. Soft, warm and welcoming, you’ll want to wear this accessory all of the time.   

It’s easy to look after too!          

Aran woollen clothing items are resistant to odours and require infrequent washing compared to other materials. In many instances, you can brush Aran clean or simply hand-wash the wool in lukewarm water, using the smallest amount of detergent.  

Do you need any other reasons to buy an Aran scarf? Thought not. Why not check out the Aran Scarves we have for sale here at Giftware Ireland? For all enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Created on 26th May 2017
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