JUL 8, 2014

5 souvenirs they’ll really appreciate

No room in your hand luggage or simply forgot to get the souvenirs while you were away? Don’t worry; you can pick out much better souvenirs online than you’re likely to find in Duty Free at the airport. Your gifts will arrive quickly and if you’re outside the EU you’ll save on VAT.

1.       Real Irish linen table cloth

White lace tablecloth in a box

Irish linen makes a beautiful gift. In Ireland it is often given as a wedding present. If you’re looking for something really special for a close friend or family member and you’d also like to commemorate your trip to Ireland then this is perfect.

Choose from stiff white damask with Celtic designs or a delicate pure linen tablecloth with lace borders.

2.       Bronze cast Gaelic words

bronze cast word in a white frame

Bronze cast Gaelic words from Wild Goose Studio are a special way to pass on a piece of Ireland and honour your connection to the recipient. Framed bronze plaques bearing different words such as Cairdeas (friendship), Clann (family) and Gra (love) are understated but full of sentimental value.

3.       Ireland rugby shirt

Men's Irish rugby shirt

Rugby shirts or jerseys are iconic. Anyone with a slight claim to an Irish heritage is proud as punch of the Irish team’s Six Nations’ win this year. We have rugby tops in different styles such as the Lansdowne Heritage Collection and Three Shamrock.

4.       An Avoca throw

Pink mohair throw

A throw is far too big to squeeze into your hand luggage back from holiday so we’re delighted to be able to offer these Avoca mohair and lambswool throws to buy online. If you visited Avoca while you were here you’ll know how soft these throws are. You might find it hard to give one of these beautiful blankets away as a gift!

5.        Grow your own Luck Irish clover

Grow your own clover gift box

This inexpensive gift is great for kids and friends living in apartments. Give the gift of luck and the joy of gardening all in one. The shamrock and the clover are closely related and are often interchangeable in standing as a symbol for Ireland. Four-leaf clovers or shamrocks are considered very lucky. Challenge the recipient of this souvenir to grow their own lucky clover.

Created on 8th July 2014
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