DEC 22, 2014

5 things you didn’t know about the Titanic

As one of the biggest tragedies of the 20th century the sinking of the Titanic is still hotly debated and speculated on. We have compiled a list of five things, out of many, that you probably didn’t know about one of the most famous ships in the world.

 Half capacity

While the ship was not equipped with enough lifeboats to rescue everyone onboard many fatalities could still have been avoided; approximately 53% of the people on board could have fit in the lifeboats provided while only 31% of people did. If everyone had budged up many more people could have been rescued. Perhaps people had dragged luggage on with them, or perhaps the large dresses of the era took up too much room, either way many more lives could have potentially be saved.

Fine line

It is speculated that, had the captain received warning of the iceberg just thirty seconds earlier, the travesty could have been avoided. The fine line between life and death, for many people, was only half a minute. While the officers did have just enough time to order the engines to be put into reverse, sadly the efforts weren’t quite enough.

The faux funnel

Everyone has the iconic image of the Titanic in their head: the large black and white ship with the four red funnels. However, one of the funnels was put on simply for show. Only three of the four funnels were used to direct steam from the boiler room, the fourth was positioned by the designers to create a more impressive impact.

Delayed reaction

After colliding with the iceberg, the passengers and staff of the Titanic had to endure a gruelling wait between life and death. After the damage to the ship had been done, it didn’t fully sink until 2 hours and 40 minutes after the impact. The time between hitting the iceberg and being submerged in the icy water must have been unbearable for all onboard as their lives hung in the balance.

Big spender

While 700 passengers had to share two bathtubs in third class, and only 2 first class suites had private bathrooms, the ship is still seen as a luxurious vessel. The most expensive first class suite on the ship cost up to £870; converted into modern-day currency that’s about £75,156! While it does seem like an expensive way to travel to America, the luxuries and service received were hopefully worth the hefty price tag.

Created on 22nd December 2014
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