DEC 4, 2015

7 Irish food and drinks you NEED to try

Give yourself the TRUE taste of Ireland – whether you’re there for real or there in spirit, cooking in the comfort of your own home – with these delicious Irish food and drinks that you seriously need to try...


Essentially a potato pancake, boxty is up there with the other favourite traditional Irish foods. The ingredients? Well... potato, potato and more potato. It can be made a number of ways – fried like a pancake, baked in a loaf tin and then sliced and fried, or boiled then fried in butter to make boxty dumplings.


The perfect Irish dish for using up leftovers, coddle doesn’t have a specific recipe as such but is filled with everyone’s favourite foods. Well, everyone that isn’t vegetarian at least. Loaded with bacon, ham, sausages and potatoes, it’s the ideal comfort food for meat-lovers.

Ulster fry

Another dish to make vegetarians wince, but one that will make anyone else sing with joy: the Ulster fry. Voted the best fry-up out there, the Ulster fry is not dissimilar to the Irish breakfast, and the secret to its goodness is down to the fact that, traditionally, every item is fried up in lard. Yes, it is indeed artery-busting as it sounds.


Associated mainly with Waterford, blaa is a unique type of bread roll. It’s soft inside, it’s crusty on the top and it makes the perfect sandwich. Best eaten fresh as most bread is, blaa and bacon is a recommended combination but you can fill it with any of your wildest sandwich filler fantasies...


This Irish dish combines mashed potatoes and chopped scallions with butter and milk; champ is the ultimate winter warmer. It’s a great side dish to any meal! If you’ve been reading the rest of this and feel like champ could do with a bit of meat too, you just have to add thick slices of ham or bacon.

White pudding

White pudding – sometimes known as oatmeal pudding – is another meat dish popular in Ireland. It is similar to the well-known black pudding, however, doesn’t include blood. It’s simply pork meat and fat, suet, bread and oatmeal formed into a large sausage and cut up for your Irish breakfast.


Need we say anymore? If you haven’t tried the taste of Guinness yet, you need to – especially if you’re visiting Ireland! But you probably knew that already.

Created on 4th December 2015
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