JUN 29, 2015

Books Set in Ireland – Four Must Read Irish Books

Ireland has a rich literary heritage. From James Joyce to George Bernard Shaw, literature is steeped in Irish talent. Whether you’re an ardent bibliophile or someone looking for an evocative Irish author, these five books are a selection of Irish writing talent that will take you the length and breadth of Ireland, full of history and that you should really sample.

The Mammy – Brendan O’Carroll

Those looking to be entertained and learn about what Dublin was really like in the 1960’s need only consider the story of Agnes Browne and her seven children. The story takes themes of alcoholism and the working class to weave a story that you’ll surely remember long after you’ve turned the final page.

Little Criminals – Gene Kerrigan

Set in contemporary Dublin, Little Criminals examines a society where everyone has ambitions of being an entrepreneur – even those on the wrong side of the law. Following Frankie Crowe, an ambitious lawbreaker with a scheme to kidnap a banker and extort him for a significant sum, the narrative is engaging and the story does well to portray Dublin’s underbelly and the changes of recent years.

Juno and Juliet – Julian Gough

Set a stone’s throw from Galway, Juno and Juliet is about a set of identical twins and the trials and tribulations they face during their first year of university. This coming of age story follows the twins as they navigate their social excursions, adjust to their new life, and occasionally study. Galway serves as one of the primary characters in this coming of age drama.

The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty – Sebastian Barry

Examining the tensions surrounding the Irish struggle for independence in a small town called Sligo, northwest Ireland, The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty follows the titular character as he struggles to find work, resulting in him joining the Royal Irish Constabulary and being labelled a traitor. Fleeing, the novel follows Eneas McNulty as he travels from county to country, sneaking back into Sligo when he can. The story is a compelling look at 20th Century Ireland through a character that became a victim of the country’s fight to exist.

Created on 29th June 2015
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