JUL 30, 2014

Could you pour a perfect pint of Guinness?

Order a pint of Guinness in Ireland and there’s a certain level of etiquette involved. This process can’t be rushed, you have to be patient as the pint is poured and the makers of Guinness recommend taking these steps to achieve the perfect result.

Step # 1

Grab a glass

Take a clean, dry and preferably cool pint glass from a shelf. Check there’s a Guinness logo on the front for maximum effect.

Step # 2

Angle the glass

Hold the glass firmly and place it under the tap at 45 degrees. The angle of dangle is important, get your degrees wrong and this really messes up the pint.  Like anything, practice makes perfect until you get the angles right.

Step # 3

Begin pouring

Start to pour the pint until the glass is three-quarters full. This should roughly be around 15 – 20mm from the top of an official Guinness glass. Try not to touch the stout with the tip of the tap if at all possible. It’s considered poor form if you do.

Step # 4

Leave to settle

Let the glass calm down. This can take a couple of minutes but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Step # 5

Top it up

Have you been patient? Is the stout finally settled?

Top the glass up carefully until the head sits nice and proud at the top. Under no circumstances overfill the pint until the stout spills into the drip tray. Pour carefully to prevent any spillage and avoid levelling the head off with a spatula, apparently this is wrong and it’s also a waste of a perfectly good stout.

Step # 6

Pass the pint to the punter

Hand the customer their drink without spilling a drop and look at the sense of enjoyment on their face as they take their first sip.  

Visit Ireland and you have to try a pint of Guinness just to see the effort that goes into pouring every pint, we love it at Giftware Ireland, that’s why we stock so many authentic brand name products on our site!    

Created on 30th July 2014
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