JUN 2, 2015

Finnian facts for beginners

Regular visitors to the Giftware Ireland site will already know we sell a diverse range of products that make ideal presents. Visit our site if you want to send a gift with Irish connections, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We have countless inspiring items for sale and if you click on the Irish Gifts and Souvenirs section of our website and you’ll notice an option entitled ‘Finnians’ on the dropdown list.

To the uninitiated this could be rather confusing. What exactly are Finnians and why on earth would you want to buy one as a gift?

To avoid any confusion, we want to clarify things for you, here are some Finnian facts for beginners, read this and all will become clear.

What exactly are Finnians?

Finnians are charming Leprechaun figures sculpted in a range of quirky poses. They are unique figurines, thought to bring good fortune to their owners, each figure comes with an original piece of Blarney stone attached, and they give you the luck of the Irish, or so the theory goes.  

Finnians are owned, displayed and enjoyed in thousands of homes in Ireland, and around the globe.  They’re fun figures, look a little mischievous, and with plenty of different designs to choose from, you can own one that’s just as individual as you.

Where did Finnians originate?

The brainchild behind these fun figures is a Dublin born man called Declan Fearon. He thought up the original idea back in 1986, during a visit to Blarney castle. This rather astute chap realised there was a market for gits made from Blarney stone, and after some rather detailed research he discovered the original quarry that produced the stone to build the castle, and promptly bought the rights!      

Originally, gifts were made from the stone until the company started to produce clay figurines called ‘Finnians’ which came with a tiny piece of Blarney stone attached.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Today there are hundreds of different clay figures to choose from and we stock a unique collection of Finnians here at Giftware Ireland, click here to order them online. 

Created on 2nd June 2015
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