JUL 30, 2015

Five films you didn’t know were filmed in Ireland

Ireland has a famous history with the silver screen. From John Wayne’s ‘The Quiet Man’ to the unbeatable ‘Commitments’, it’s a country steeped in film history.

But it has a few secrets too. Over the years, it has played host and film set to a few surprising blockbuster hits.

Here are five films you didn’t know were shot in Ireland.

Braveheart – This quintessentially Scottish film helped boost Scotland’s tourism industry by 100%, but those tourists didn’t know that most of the battle scenes were filmed here in Ireland. Scenes depicting London were also shot at Bective Abbey in County Meath.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – A scene in which Potter and Dumbledore are fighting evil features a dramatic swooping camera shot of cliffs. Those cliffs were the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare. The Lemon Rock of County Kerry is also featured in the film.

Saving Private Ryan – A film that if you haven’t seen, you should. The opening scenes is one of the most famous in film history, recounting the hell that was Omaha beach on D-Day. The beach they used for filming though was in County Wexford.

The Irish defence force actually provided 2,500 men to work as extras.

The Italian Job – We aren’t talking about the bad remake here. The 1969 classic featured a lot of jail scenes, all of which were filmed in Kilmainham Jail, Dublin.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold – This famous spy film was set in Berlin, but the majority of it was filmed in Armore Studios, County Wicklow.

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Created on 30th July 2015
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