FEB 25, 2015

Five tasty cocktails to make with Bushmills whiskey

Purists will tell you the best way to serve Bushmills malt Irish whiskey is on its own, it’s neat to sip it neat. However, products like Black Bush are great little mixers and in this blog we highlight a few popular tipples you might want to try using Bushmills as the base ingredient.


Mix 1 oz of Amaretto with 1 ounce of Bushmills and pour straight into a glass filled with ice. That’s all you need for this simple and easy to prepare drink, sip it slowly and savour the taste.

Irish Martini

For this you will need 1-2 oz of Baileys Irish Cream, 2/3 oz of Bushmills and ½ oz of strong black coffee, not hot but cold. Tip some ice cubes into a cocktail shaker, pour over the Baileys then add the whiskey and the coffee. Give the mixture a good shake then strain into a cocktail glass. Easy peasy.

Lucky Clover

Mix 1/3oz fresh orange juice, 1/3 oz of Bushmills and 1/3 oz of lime cordial. Give it a shake inside a cocktail mixer containing ice cubes then strain straight into a shot glass. Take a sip and lick your lips.

Irish Kiss

This is a great little cocktail and perfect for summer parties. To make it you will need 1 oz of Bushmills, 1 oz peach snaps, 2 oz of orange juice and 2 oz ginger ale. Simply mix all the main ingredients together and serve in a cocktail glass. Ice is optional.

Bush and Ginger

One of our favourites! To create this cracking cocktail fill a tall glass with ice then add 1.5 oz of Bushmills Black Bush. Next pour in 3 oz of ginger ale and toss in a few mint leaves just for good measure. Serve straight away and savour the taste. One of these is never enough!

There you go. Five very simple drinks to make with Bushmills Irish Whiskey.


Created on 25th February 2015
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