MAR 2, 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a yearly event that is held on the 17th of March, which is said to be a celebration of the death patron saint of Ireland- Saint Patrick. Although originally just an Irish tradition, countries around the world have taken up celebrating the Irish holiday in their own countries.

Who is St. Patrick?

We do not know the exact details of Saint. Patrick, but the knowledge we do have comes from the book he apparently wrote called the Declaration. At the age of sixteen, St. Patrick was kidnapped and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland. Whilst working as a shepherd, Patrick ‘found god’ and was told by him to head to the coast as they’ll be a ship waiting to take Patrick back home.

When Patrick arrived home, he went on to become a priest and sadly died on March 17 (461AD), he has become Ireland’s more legendary and famous priest since.

What happens on the day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and a bank holiday in Northern Ireland. But what happens on the day itself?

In the early 1990s, the Irish government set up the group called St. Patrick’s Festival and their job was to create a festival that was a spectacular event to capture the essence of St. Patricks Day; their main aims were:

  1. Create a national festival that can compete with the largest festivals in the world.
  2. Create an excitement around St. Patrick’s Day and make people proud to be Irish.
  3. Produce an outstanding festival that is an accurate representation of Ireland, for the rest of the world to see.

The first of these festivals took place in 1996, and by 2006 the festival has increased rapidly to a five day event in which over a million visitors witnessed the event.

Traditionally people view St. Patrick’s Day as a yearly celebration where thousands of revellers drink Guinness and have as much fun as possible whilst wearing Irish colours. Themed events occur all over the world involving drink, music and the colour green! 

There are plenty of religious events that also occur over St. Patrick’s Day, such as the procession that takes place in Downpatrick which is said to be the death bed of St. Patrick himself.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into Ireland and its most famous priest, and you never know could give you some key information in a quiz you may do near March 17!!



























































Created on 2nd March 2016
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