APR 5, 2016

How to Make the Perfect Pot of Irish Tea in 7 Steps

What’s your favourite Irish Breakfast? Are you a Soda farl fanatic, do you have a craving for white pudding, can’t you start the day without a dollop of Bushmills Irish Whiskey Marmalade on a slice of hot buttered toast?

Whatever you like to eat, it won’t taste quite the same without a tasty cup of Irish tea and a bit of craic over a crumpet.  Make tea the perfect way and follow our tips, you can use one of our black sheep mugs if you like!

Let’s get cracking ...

1.) Warm the tea pot

There’s some discrepancy in the tea making world over whether this is actually necessary or not. We think you can’t go wrong if you warm the tea pot up a little before you add anything else, think how you feel when you climb into a cold bed, and how much better it feels when the sheets are nice and warm.  Pour boiling water into a pre-warmed pot and it acclimatises so much easier.

2.) Choose a hearty flavoured tea

Obviously, the choice of tea is down to your own personal preference but we recommend a tasty Irish Breakfast variety. Bewleys, Barrys, and Lyons are some of the most popular Irish brands and Twinings sell a strong black tea in bags and loose leaf varieties.

3.) Boil the water (nearly)  

Experts say you should very nearly boil the water for the tea but not quite let it reach boiling point. Flip the kettle switch off just as bubbles start to form as over-boiling can lead to a reduction in oxygen which can affect the taste of the tea.

4.) Make the right amount

Add one teabag per person or one teaspoon of tea if you are using the loose leaf variety. This should be matched with just the right amount of water per person, or add extra tea and water if you want more than one cup each.

5.) Add water and leave to stand

Once you pour the nearly boiling water into the pot leave it to rest for a while. Depending on the type of tea variety and how strong you like your beverage, this should be anywhere between 1-3 minutes.  

6.) Pour into cups

Once the tea has been allowed to settle for a while, pour it into your choice of cups. Some people say they prefer the taste of tea drunk straight from china teacups, others like a hot mug to accompany their breakfast. Whatever drink container you choose, remember to use a tea strainer if you are pouring tea made from loose leaf blends.

7.) Sweeten the deal

Done all of the above?  Now all you have to do is add milk, cream, sugar or sweetener, or simply drink your breakfast brew just as it is. Sit there, sip it and enjoy your cup of tea with your favourite Irish Breakfast.   

So there you have it have it, tea making made simple. To make your breakfast extra special we have many gifts for sale here at Giftware Ireland, just check out our kitchenware department for more details.  

Created on 5th April 2016
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