FEB 14, 2014

Ireland is a perfect holiday getaway location – and here’s why

Ireland as a Country

Spanning 84,412 kilometres and with a coastline of 3,172 kilometres, Ireland has grown to become a popular destination for holiday-makers the world over. Bound by culture and tradition hundreds of years old, Ireland and its peoples have a wealth of interest in music, dance, literature and sports. Today, traditional Irish fares and events celebrate the history and tradition of the country drawing in people and inviting them to share in the country’s heritage.

Ireland is Extraordinary

Ireland is a country chocked full of character and individuality. Indeed, evidence of Irish culture has permeated larger countries across the world. From the nation’s most popular export – Guinness to the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Irish culture has found a prominent place in countries across the world.

The capital, Dublin, has proven a very popular destination for party goers. The city also has its own unique enticements beyond the revelry for which it has so been synonymous with. For those academics amongst you, why not take some time to visit the intellectual hub of Trinity College. Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, Trinity boasts stellar alumni including the likes of Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett.

Alternatively, Ireland isn’t known as the Emerald Isle for no apparent reason. Ireland has a landscape that will leave your jaw agape. Indeed, Ireland attracts many visitors each year whom visit the land with the sole intention of enjoying the wonderful outdoor scenery.

Ireland’s attractions

Those visiting Ireland will find a wealth of different activities to keep you occupied. Whether you enjoy relaxing and taking it all in – walking the green hills of Ireland, or cycling across the country in the most picturesque of settings Ireland has something for you.

Those with a keen eye for the game of golf will feel truly at home in Ireland. Boasting some of the most revered courses in the world, Ireland has become a popular destination for those looking to get in eighteen holes. Alternatively, should you enjoy more extreme sports then careening down the rapids, canoeing could be just for you.

What is for sure is that there is a wealth of activities tourists can be treated to when visiting Ireland. No matter your reason for visiting the Emerald Isle you’ll find something to not just keep you occupied, but make your holiday one that’ll live long in your memory for years to come

Created on 14th February 2014
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