APR 30, 2014

New things to try when you stay in Ireland

Visit Ireland for the first time and you’ll be busting a gut trying to squeeze everything into your holiday. Ireland is naturally beautiful, the people are friendly and welcoming and a trip to this green and pleasant land gives you the perfect opportunity to try some of these items for the first time.

White pudding

Like a cheeky slice of black pudding with your fry-up in the morning? Spend time in Ireland and you can add white pudding to the breakfast menu. White pudding is like black pudding minus the pig’s blood, it’s really tasty and the perfect accompaniment to bacon, sausage, eggs and beans. You’re on holiday so why not ask for black and white pudding on one plate, it’s ever so naughty and ever so nice.

Red lemonade

Forget white lemonade, red lemonade is the order of the day in Ireland, white is boring, red is racy and TK and Nash are some of the best brands to try. It’s refreshing on its own and red lemonade makes a really great mixer too, try it with your favourite Irish whiskey for the perfect pick-me-up.

Barry’s tea

Some tea brands promise to give you an ‘Ooh’ but Barry’s tea gives you an ‘ahh’ instead. Ireland is one of the world’s biggest tea drinking nations and Barry’s is one of the finest brands you can buy. Take a sip of this tasty tea and you’ll suddenly realise what you have been missing all of these years, buy a box to take back home with you and drink it out of one of Giftware Ireland’s special mugs.

Bushmills whisky

A trip to Ireland wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the Old Bushmills Distillery, you’ll get to see whiskey made the traditional way through all stages of the process from mashing to fermentation, stilling to storing and blending, plus there’s a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat and a gift shop where you can create your own personal bottle. Buy a Bushmills polo shirt from our range before you visit the distillery, you never know, they might offer you a free sample!  

Irish coffee

Okay, you could make this back at home with coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream but it tastes so much better when you are in Ireland. Savour the taste of the coffee/whisky mix as you sit outdoors, find a cosy pub with a beer garden that has a breath-taking backdrop and enjoy every last drop of your drink.

See you in Ireland soon!

Created on 30th April 2014
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