JUN 1, 2016

Quirky Irish Sayings and Their Meanings

Quirky Irish Sayings and Their Meanings

The language is amazing in Ireland and quite difficult to understand at times. At some point, you will probably struggle to decipher what’s being said, at which stage you might consider buying a slang phrasebook.

It can be fun learning some of the most commonly used phrases in Ireland though. To start you off, we’ve listed some of the most quirky sayings for you here at Giftware Ireland.

You said what?

Crack on – If somebody says ‘crack on’ to you they mean to continue on with what you are doing. 

Banjaxed – When something is banjaxed this actually means the item in question is broken.

Brutal– When something is brutal in Ireland it’s appalling or dreadful.      

Fluthered – Get fluthered in Ireland on Guinness or Bushmills and you are very drunk. The terms ‘langers’ or ‘locked’ might also be used.

Jacks – Pay a visit to the ‘jacks’ and you are spending a penny in the loo. Quite apt after drinking so much Guinness!

Naggin – Nothing to do with the wife... A naggin is a small bottle of alcoholic beverage.

How’s she cutting? This simply means Hi!   

Fair play – Well done, as in ‘Fair play to ya’

Bang on – Spot on, correct or accurate. 

Gas – Something that is funny. ‘She was having a right gas’

Acting the maggot – If somebody accuses you of acting the maggot in Ireland it means you are messing about.

Fine thing – Get referred to as a fine thing on Irish shores and you should treat this as a compliment, it means you’re good looking. (He/she’s a fine thing).

Give out – If you ‘give out’ to somebody in Ireland you are having a right go at them.   

Now you’re sucking diesel - Not related to fuel theft, this means you have managed to solve a problem or you understand something.

Visit Ireland to learn more unusual sayings

There’s nothing like a holiday in Ireland to pick up some of the local lingo. If you can’t make it over in person, why not treat yourself to some of the great keepsakes we have for sale here at Giftware Ireland. We’re the best place to visit for Traditional Irish Gifts.     

Created on 1st June 2016
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