APR 2, 2014

Tasty Irish recipes to try when you like

It’s hard not to join in the fun of St. Patrick’s Day, what better way is there of celebrating this special occasion than by dressing up, drinking a cold pint of Guinness and tucking into a tasty Irish meal? You don’t have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy tasty Irish food though, tuck into one of our Irish meal ideas whenever you want.

Irish stew – Cuts of lamb, potatoes, onions and carrots are all you need for this recipe, throw them in a casserole dish along with a few herbs as well. Use chopped parsley, thyme and chives for flavour, add salt and pepper and a little lamb stock to create a simple but tasty treat. Cook it in a slow cooker for added tenderness, the stew will taste amazing.

Colcannon – Made from mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage and a few chopped up leeks. Mash the potatoes well, mix in the cabbage and the leeks with a little bit of milk, add salt and pepper for seasoning and serve with good quality butcher’s sausages.

Soda Bread – Mix 8 oz of plain white flour with 8 oz of wholegrain flour, add a tsp of bicarbonate of soda, half a tsp of salt and 10 fl oz of buttermilk. Mix together to form a dough, create a ball shape and place the mixture onto a piece of greased paper. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 2000C for 30 minutes, check the bread has risen well and looks nice and brown before removing it from the oven. Leave to cool and serve with jam, cheese or anything you like, you might want to serve the bread as a side for your Irish stew!

Boiled ribs and cabbage – Buy quality pork ribs from your butcher, let them simmer in boiling water until the meat is virtually falling off the bone, serve with freshly boiled cabbage, seasoned with salt and pepper, it’s such a fuss-free recipe that tastes utterly divine.


What are your favourite Irish recipes? We’d love to know at Giftware Ireland.



Created on 2nd April 2014
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