JUN 23, 2017

Tea Towel Uses You Never Knew

Most people use tea towels for drying dishes but they have so much more to offer than this. Your average tea towel has plenty of uses beyond drying plates and cups - you could use them for any of these suggestions for example.

Hand protection

If you need to handle hot bowls, plates or mugs, a tea towel makes an ideal hand protector. Wrap the towel around the item in question and you can pick it up with ease without the need for an oven glove. Obviously, don’t use a tea towel on red hot trays straight from the oven, but for items that are too warm to handle with a naked touch, they are just about perfect.

A bowl support

Find it hard to keep mixing bowls steady when you are preparing dough and cake mixes? Simply dampen the tea towel, wring it out and form it into a ring around the base of the bowl. The towel will keep the bowl nice and secure and you can get on with the important task of making that mix perfect.

Shore up a chopping board

Total control is the key when you are rolling out pastry ready for baking, so you might want to do this on a chopping board to protect the worktop underneath. That’s fine as long as the chopping board stays put where it is, and you can make this happen with a tea towel. All you need to do is lightly dampen the towel, place it underneath the board, and get busy rolling out the perfect pastry.

Muffin warmer

You can’t beat the look, the smell and the taste of warm muffins fresh out of the oven. Serve them up at the table and everyone is sure to tuck in. A good way to keep them warm is to get a bowl, line it with a clean tea towel, and place the muffins inside.  You can do the same for bread rolls or croissants served fresh for breakfast.

Makeshift dish strainer

Wash cutlery, crockery and cookware and there’s no need to place them on a kitchen rack to dry. You can lay out a clean tea towel next to the sink and put your freshly cleaned dishes on there instead. Experts believe it’s healthier to let dishes air dry and it takes less effort too!

With so many uses for tea towels, it might be worth buying a fresh supply. This is something we can help you with here at Giftware Ireland. Our quality tea towels are perfect for display purposes and just as useful for other functions in the kitchen. Find out more and buy them online or contact us for more details.            

Created on 23rd June 2017
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