MAY 5, 2016

Titanic Launch Ticket Sells for £15,000

Regular visitors to the Giftware Ireland website will be well aware of the Titanic products we have for sale. Whether you want bathroom features, clothing and kitchenware, or a selection of baby bibs, we stock an extensive list of gifts, all at very reasonable prices.    

Titanic merchandise is always popular. In fact, the interest in memorabilia related to Titanic remains as strong as ever, so it is little surprise that a ticket to watch for the ship’s maiden launch fetched a staggering amount recently.

Auction Sale Price Exceeds Expectations   

When the Titanic was launched, special tickets were issued which enabled the bearer to watch the ship slip into the water for the first time.  Those lucky enough to witness this spectacle could never have guessed what fate would eventually behold the vessel or the 2,208 people that booked tickets to sail on the maiden voyage, of which 1,503 sadly perished in the icy water.

Charlotte Irwin was one of the spectators who witnessed the Titanic slide down the slipway at Harland and Wolff’s ship making yard in Belfast. The date was May 31st, 1911 and Charlotte worked in the drafting office of the business so was entitled to a ticket for this unique occasion.

She held onto her launch ticket, marked no 116, and kept this a special souvenir of this memorable day. This one-off keepsake would become a highly collectable item and it was recently sold at auction with a guide price of between £6000 and £10,000, but eventually went under the hammer for a very impressive £15,000.     

Do you have any Titanic memorabilia?

If you have anything collectable relating to Titanic it’s not a bad idea to have it valued to see just how much it’s worth.

Or if you don’t own anything original, but would like to buy something with a Titanic theme, take a look at what we have for sale here at Giftware Ireland and we guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice.  

Created on 5th May 2016
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