JAN 29, 2015

Weird and Wacky Guinness World Records

After a debate involving some trivial pursuit, Sir Hugh Beaver, the then managing director of Guinness Breweries, decided to put a stop to these obscure debates by launching the Guinness Book Of Records. It was originally intended to be a marketing giveaway when it was released in 1954 but the idea became popular and now people worldwide fight for a chance to make their way into its pages. After the release of 2015’s edition in September, here at Giftware Ireland we looked at some weird and wacky records.




Most people in one pair of underpants

In 2012 Dr Pepper organised a mass promotional stunt with one very large pair of underpants. A grand total of 169 people gathered at Thorpe Park in Surrey during March to cram into the pair of pants. The underpants measured a rather large 10 metres wide and 3 ½ metres high! The previous record seems rather measly now in comparison with just 57 people.


Largest commercially available hamburger

The USA is renowned for their fast food outlets and unhealthy eating habits so it’s not especially surprising that this record was made overseas. The monster of a hamburger weighed a stomach-curling 55st 7lbs. Its price tag isn’t for those out of pocket either at £3,181. Due to its enormous size it has to be ordered at least 48 hours in advance meaning that any sudden hunger can’t be satisfied immediately.


Most champagne bottles sabre-ed simultaneously

This rather grand celebration took place in Garibaldi, Rio Grande, Brazil. Fittingly enough it was part of the Fenachamp 2011 champagne festival. The special event was organised in advance and featured 196 participants sabre-ing champagne bottles.




Most people eating breakfast in bed

We may all enjoy a little weekend treat of having breakfast in bed but for the people in Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai, China, this became a bit more of a special event. A total of 388 people snuggled up with their breakfast in bed, sharing the fun with a friend or loved one.


First musical act to perform a concert on every continent

Metal group, Metallica, are no strangers to huge press due to their large following worldwide and loud music. They were the first to set the record for a musical act to perform a concert on every continent. The last continent they ticked off their list was the Antarctica when they travelled to the Carlini Station at the end of 2013 to play an hour-long set of 10 tracks to 120 scientists and competition winners.


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Created on 29th January 2015
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