AUG 26, 2016

What to Pack on Holiday to Ireland

Ireland is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, with more people coming on holiday every year than the number of people who live here. Ireland is generally an informal and laid-back country – perfect for relaxing and having lots of fun, and people usually dress very informally in popular tourist areas. In Ireland, we believe that your holiday shouldn’t be a fashion content, and comfort is king! Layers of clothes that you can easily care for are a wise idea, because not only are they comfortable, they’re practical too!

Along with ensuring you’re comfy, travelling light is the other key trick to having an amazing holiday here. Whilst no one will notice if you end up wearing the same top twice, there are plenty of laundrettes that will ensure your laundry is ready on the same day, and many hotels also have laundry services.

Souvenir space

Another great reason for travelling light is that you can then take an extra bag to carry home all the awesome impulse buys and souvenirs from your time in Ireland. Most airlines will only let you carry on two checked bags and hand luggage, so you’ll really benefit from travelling light.

Like with every major holiday destination, there will be a few establishments where you’ll be expected to look smart for dinner, but this is the exception! If you’re not expecting to go to a high end restaurant, you really don’t need to worry about it


Things you need to remember to pack for your holiday to Ireland:

  • You passport and all travel documents
  • Other forms of identification, such as a driver’s licence
  • Your bankcard, cash, credit card or traveller’s cheques
  • A disposable or digital camera (along with film, SD cards and batteries) or mobile device and charger to take pictures with
  • Toiletries, and cosmetics if you want them
  • Any contact lenses and lens solutions you require, as well as an extra pair of glasses
  • Any prescription medicine you need (in their prescription bottles and remember to keep them on you personally)
  • A couple of pairs of comfortable shoes
  • A warm, waterproof jacket
  • An umbrella
  • Socks and underwear
  • A couple pairs of trousers and a few tops
Created on 26th August 2016
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