NOV 7, 2013

Why are four leaf clovers considered to be lucky?

We all know that finding a four leaf clover is a sign of good fortune. Those that are lucky to stumble upon such a discovery should count their blessings. Most of us automatically associate four leaf clovers with shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day, however the significance of the impact of this Irish emblem is more far-reaching than you may think.

In early Irish history it was believed that Druids (members of the priestly class) could see approaching spirits whenever they carried a four leaf clover. This supernatural premonition prepared those for any oncoming assault, and gave them sufficient time to flee from such evil spirits.

It’s understood that four leaf clovers offer magical protection. Whether you feel that you’re at risk from evil spirits or you’re plagued by bad luck, four leaf clovers are believed to protect you. Indeed, the four leaves of these clovers each have am individual spiritual meaning. These are faith, hope, love and luck. Carrying one opens your spirit to receiving these blessings.

Did you know that Christian legend states that Eve is believed to have carried a four leaf clover as she departed the Garden of Eden? The implications being that anyone in possession of a four leaf clover holds a little piece of paradise in the palm of their hand.

St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland explained the Holy Trinity with the use of a shamrock. The religious similarities between the corners of a four leaf clover and the three points of a shamrock are understandable when you consider that the three points of a shamrock are said to represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Christianity also recognises the four leaf clover for its resemblance to the cross. Indeed, some even believe that the fourth leaf is symbolic of the Grace of God.

Did you know that the Irish believe that the green hills of the Emerald Isle have more four leaf clovers than anywhere else in the world? Well, it’s true. This is where the term ‘luck of the Irish’ originates from.

Further reasons why four leaf clovers are considered to be lucky are equally poignant. Children in the Middle Ages believed that if they carried four leaf clovers they could see fairies. So strong and widespread was this belief that searching for, and finding, four leaf clovers has grown into a great game that is routinely played by children up and down the UK.

Should you be fortunate enough to find a four leaf clover then hold onto it! The odds of finding such a treasured emblem of Irish history are a momentous ten thousand to one! Finding a five leaf clover is another matter entirely. Five leaf clovers are, actually considered to be unlucky – make sure you check the leaves before you jump for joy!



Created on 7th November 2013
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