APR 27, 2017

Is Guinness actually good for you?

We always knew it tasted great but people were often sceptical about the old marketing slogan for Guinness which claimed it was actually good for you. However, we might have to look at a pint of this popular stout in a different way in the future, as Charlie Bamforth, an eminent professor specialising in brewing sciences at the University of California, now claims there are certain benefits from drinking a glass of Guinness or two.

Here we explore the good bits and the not-so good bits for you.

Positives of drinking Guinness:


Guinness contains a higher degree of folate than other beers. Folate is a vitamin B type needed to make DNA.  According to research, stouts contain an average of 12.8 micrograms of folate, which equates to 3.2% of our recommend daily allowance.


Guinness is made from unmalted Barley which contains a higher degree of fibre than malted varieties. Compared to other beers, Guinness contains the highest levels of fibre so when you drink a glass you are contributing to your daily fibre intake. 

Calorie count

Beer consumption is closely linked to weight gain, hence the term beer-belly. The good news for Guinness drinkers is this type of beer has one of the least calorie counts compared to lagers and other beers.

Good bacteria

Guinness and other beers contain a mixture of B vitamins, fibres and antioxidants. Mixed together, these can enhance the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your tummy which aids the digestive system.   

Negatives of drinking Guinness:          

There are none! Only kidding. Like any beer, Guinness is still alcohol and should be consumed responsibly within the recommend guidelines for adults. Drinking any alcohol in excess can lead to specific health problems such as heart disease, liver disease and cancer. Moderation is the secret.

Drink sensibly and the occasional pint of Guinness can have positive effects. If you’re a fan of this popular tipple, we have plenty of Guinness Merchandise for you here at Giftware Ireland. Please contact us for more details.     

Created on 27th April 2017
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