DEC 20, 2016

Things You Never knew about Avoca in Ireland

Here at Giftware Ireland, we stock an extensive collection of gifts manufactured by the Avoca brand, the well-known Irish family-run business. As well as scarves and soaps, we sell premium quality throws made from a careful mix of 70% Mohair and 30% light wool. They’re made right here in Ireland and feel ever so cosy and warm.  

Avoca as business has a rich history. Based on the original site, situated on the banks of the river Avoca, the earliest mill dates back to 1723 and is one of the world’s oldest and best-loved manufacturing companies.

As a proud supplier of their products, we celebrate the history of the Avoca brand here at Giftware Ireland and reveal a few facts you might now know about this company.        

Ireland’s Oldest Weaving Mill

The Avoca Mill is Ireland’s oldest manufacturing mill. Founded in 1723, it is still going strong today.  The mill was originally used for grinding corn and also used for spinning and weaving woollen products. Today the Avoca brand sells a huge catalogue of products, ranging from clothing to soft furnishings, food, ceramics, perfume and soap. 

Influence by the Wynne Sisters

During the 1920s, three sisters inherited control of the mill. Known as the Wynnes, they had the vision to introduce colour to the manufacturing process and created a distinctive appearance in the process.   

The Royal Seal of Approval

Royalty is amongst the many fans of Avoca woven products. Avoca tweed was used to make a waistcoat for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II also had baby blankets made from this very special material.

Takeover in 1974

When the mill faced closure in the early 1970s the solicitor handling the sales process ended up purchasing the business. His name was Donald Pratt and together with his wife Hilary, they set about turning the Avoca brand into a global exporter of premium quality goods.

The business goes from strength to strength

Having grown, and subsequently expanded, the Avoca brand is now successfully managed by two generations of the Pratt family. Avoca now own several large retail outlets in Ireland containing food halls and cafes. What’s more, they still manufacture high-quality woven products, just as they did back in the 1700s!

If you want to find out more about the Avoca products we sell here at Giftware Ireland, click here and order online for a stress-free service.    

Created on 20th December 2016
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